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This monthly podcast looks back at the pop culture of Generation X, from an African-American perspective.

May 31, 2020

Topics: L.A. Riots, Mary J. Blige, White Men Can't Jump, Def Comdey Jam (Bonus Artist: hidingtobefound)

1992 Snapshots

1. President: George H. W. Bush

2. Feb - In Indianapolis, Indiana, boxer Mike Tyson is convicted of raping Desiree Washington.

3. Mar - H. Ross Perot announces that he will run for U.S. President.

4. Apr - Mafia boss John Gotti is convicted of the murder of mob boss Paul Castellano and of racketeering, and is later sentenced to life in prison.

5. Apr - Former tennis player Arthur Ashe, 48, announces that he is suffering from the AIDS virus, which he is believed to have contracted from a blood transfusion during heart surgery in 1983.

6. Apr - In Simi Valley, California, a jury acquits four LAPD police officers accused of excessive force in the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King, causing the 1992 Los Angeles riots and leading to 53 deaths and $1 billion in damage.

7. May - After 30 years, Johnny Carson retires as host of NBC's The Tonight Show.

8. Jun - During a spelling bee at a Trenton, New Jersey elementary school, U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle erroneously corrects a student's spelling of the word potato, indicating it should have an e at the end.

9. Jul - 1992 Summer Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain

10. Oct - The video game Mortal Kombat is released.

11. Nov - Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas defeats incumbent President George H. W. Bush and businessman H. Ross Perot in the US presidential election. ["It's the economy, stupid"/ "I didn't inhale."]

12. Dec - Hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre releases his solo debut studio album The Chronic.

13. Top 3 Pop Songs

14. #1 - End of the Road", Boyz II Men

15. #2 - "Baby Got Back", Sir Mix-a-Lot

16. #3 - ‘Jump", Kris Kross

17. Record of the Year - Eric Clapton for "Tears in Heaven"

18. Album of the Year - Eric Clapton for Unplugged

19. Song of the Year - Eric Clapton "Tears in Heaven"

20. Best New Artist - Arrested Development

21. Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female - Chaka Khan for The Woman I Am

22. Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male - Al Jarreau for Heaven and Earth

23. Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal - Boyz II Men for "End of the
24. Road"

25. Best Rap Solo Performance - Sir Mix-a-Lot for Baby Got Back

26. Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group - Arrested Development for Tennessee

27. #1 - Aladdin

28. #2 - The Bodyguard

29. #3 - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

30. Notables: Juice, American Me, Basic Instinct, Deep Cover, Sister Act, A league of Their Own, Mo' Money, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Mighty Ducks, Reservoir Dogs, Malcolm X, The Bodyguard, A Few Good Men, Toys, White Men Can't Jump

31. Top 3Tv Shows

32. #1 60 Minutes

33. #2 - Roseanne

34. #3 - Home Improvement

35. Debuts: Hanging with Mr. Cooper and Def Comedy Jam

36. Economic Snapshots

37. Avg. Income: 30k (29.9k - previously)

38. New Home: 122.5 (120k)

39. Avg Rent: 519 (495)

40. New Car: 16.9k (16.8k)

41. Harvard: 15.4 (14.5k)

42. Movie Ticket: 4.25 (4.25)

43. Gas: 1.05 (1.12)

44. Stamp: .29 (.25)

45. Social Scene: LA Riots

46. Audio Clip

47. Open Comments

48. Question: Do riots actually serve a meaningful purpose? What would you tell your kids if
49. they were in a riot? (On either side)

50. Music Scene

51. Top Black Songs from the top 40

52. #1. "End of the Road". Boyz II Men

53. #2. "Baby Got Back". Sir Mix-a-Lot

54. #3. "Jump". Kris Kross

55. #4. "Save the Best for Last". Vanessa Williams

56. #5. "Baby-Baby-Baby". TLC

57. #7. "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)". En Vogue

58. #9. "All 4 Love". Color Me Badd

59. #10. "Just Another Day". Jon Secada

60. #11. "I Love Your Smile". Shanice

61. #14. "Black or White". Michael Jackson

62. #16. "I'll Be There". Mariah Carey

63. #19. "Remember the Time". Michael Jackson

64. #20. "Finally". CeCe Peniston

65. #23. "Can't Let Go". Mariah Carey

66. #24. "Jump Around". House of Pain

67. #25. "Diamonds and Pearls". Prince and The New Power Generation

68. #27. "Masterpiece". Atlantic Starr

69. #29. "Giving Him Something He Can Feel". En Vogue

70. #31. "Come and Talk to Me". Jodeci

71. #33. "Humpin' Around". Bobby Brown

72. #35. "Tell Me What You Want Me to Do". Tevin Campbell

73. #36. "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg". TLC

74. #37. "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday". Boyz II Men

75. #38. "Move This". Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K

76. #40. "Tennessee". Arrested Development

77. #41. "The Best Things in Life Are Free". Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson

78. #42. "Make It Happen". Mariah Carey

79. #44. "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss". P.M. Dawn

80. #46. "2 Legit 2 Quit". Hammer

81. #47. "Please Don't Go". KWS

82. #48. "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)". Mint Condition

83. Vote:

84. Top RnB Albums

85. Jan - Dangerous, Michael Jackson

86. Feb - Keep It Comin', Keith Sweat

87. Apr - Private Line, Gerald Levert

88. May - The Comfort Zone, Vanessa Williams

89. May - Funky Divas, En Vogue

90. May - Totally Krossed Out, Kris Kross

91. Jun - Dead Serious, Das EFX

92. Oct - What's the 411?, Mary J. Blige

93. Nov - Bobby, Bobby Brown

94. Dec - The Predator, Ice Cube

95. Vote:

96. Featured Artist: Mary J. Blige

97. Audio:

98. Open Comments

99. Movie Scene: White Men Can't Jump

100. Audio Clip

101. Open Comments

102. Question: Why do Black people LOVE basketball?

103. TV Scene: Def Comedy Jam

104. According to Russel Simmions, In his book "Life and Def: Sex, Drugs, Money + God" The inspiration for Def COmedey Jam was a club on Crenshaw Blvd in L.A. called the Comedy Act Theater. Robin Harris hosted performances there, and he already had a serious underground buzz, from House PArty and Do the Right Thing. At the same time, everywhere Russell traveled, the "Black Comedy" nights were hot, and Russel was always looking for stuff that was "hot" with his hip-hop customer base.

105. In 1989, he eventually hooked up with Hollywood power player Stan Lathan (Sanford & Son, Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, Remington Steele ,Cagney & Lacey, Frank's Place, Roc and the 1984 classic feature film Beat Street) and they began creating Def Comedy Jam.

106. The original run of Def Comedy Jam ran from July 1, 1992 to January 1, 1997. In the fall of 2006 it returned to HBO. Many comedians had their careers launched by the huge success of this series!

107. Robin Harris was going to be the original host, but he died in 1990. Eddie Murphy was a big supporter of Martin Lawrence to replace Harris.

108. The show caught major criticism for using excessive foul language and a “supposed” negative representation of African Americans. Bill Cosby and Sidney Potier were major critics.

109. Def Comedy Jam, went on to become the longest running HBO series ever, launched the careers of several A-List comedians today.

110. 1992 Alumni:

111. Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Bill Bellamy, DL Hughley, Adele Givens, Cedric the Entertainer, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Griffin, Joe Torry, Michael Colyar, and Ricky Harris Jr.

112. Open Comments

113. Question: Favorite bit/comedian?

114. Vote: Best/most important/favorite pop culture item from 1992?