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This monthly podcast looks back at the pop culture of Generation X, from an African-American perspective.

Dec 1, 2020

Topics: Monica Lewinsky Scandal, Jay Z, Beloved (Film), 90's Tech (Bonus Artist: hidingtobefound and Luck Pacheco)

1998 General Snapshots
1.    Bill Clinton President
2.    Jan - Paula Jones accuses U.S. President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.
3.    Jan - Smoking is banned in all California bars and...

Nov 1, 2020

Topics: Biggie death, Erykah Badu, Eve's Bayou, Miss Evers' Boys (Bonus Artist: Luck Pacheco)

Notes 1997
1.    President: Bill Clinton
2.    Feb -A Santa Monica jury finds former football legend O.J. Simpson is liable for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.
3.    Feb - North Hollywood shootout: Two...

Oct 1, 2020

Topics: Tupac death, Fugees, Set It Off, Moesha (Bonus Artist: hidingtobefound)

1996 Snapshots

1.    President: Bill Clinton

2.    Jan - Whitewater scandal: U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton testifies before a grand jury.

3.    Feb - Daniel Green is convicted of the murder of James Jordan, the...

Aug 31, 2020

Topics: Million Man March, TLC, Friday, UPN (Bonus Artist: Luck Pacheco)


1995 Notes
1.    Snapshots
2.    President: Bill Clinton
3.    Jan - The WB Television Network and The United Paramount Network (UPN) launches.
4.    Mar - Yahoo! was incorporated and soon became the first popular...

Aug 1, 2020

Topics: OJ Simpson, R. Kelly & Aaliyah, Samuel Jackson, Black TV Cancellation (Bonus Artist: hidingtobefound)


1.    Bill Clinton is President
2.    Jan - In Detroit, Michigan, Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the right leg by an assailant, under orders from figure skating rival Tonya...